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Team Meeting

Our Team



Matt Reed, PMP

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Matt has an entrepreneurial heart and drive to see organizations run efficiently. These qualities, combined with a radical love for Jesus, cause Matt to see the workplace differently. By creating efficient systems and helping businesses develop better processes, he realized employees and stakeholders could enjoy life more. This realization drives 10th Avenue's mission to achieve life-giving results. Matt and his wife Tracie have three boys and reside on Normandy Lake in East Tennessee.



Alice Summers

Alice claims both small-town Anguilla, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama as hometown. She relocated to Nashville to attend Belmont University and stuck around after falling in love with husband Joseph Summers (a rare Nashville native); they married in 2007 and have one son. Alice and Joseph both love Jesus and music, and various creative things. With more than 15 years of Salesforce experience as a user-turned-administrator, she has a knack for grasping the user perspective without losing any of the details necessary to craft solid solutions. 



Collin Jones

Originally from Springfield, MO, but now living in Murfreesboro, TN, Collin has spent many years helping organizations build strong processes and systems that create impactful results. Collin went to Nashville, TN, to attend Welch College, where he found his future wife Brittany, whom he married in 2016. Collin and Brittany love to spend time with family and friends, creating fun memories by pulling out several board games from their growing collection. While they don't have kids yet, they share 13 nieces and nephews and love being Aunt Brittany and Uncle Collin.



Karlie Grubbs

Karlie uses her inherent desire for excellence to keep 10th Avenue running smoothly behind-the-scenes. She and her husband, Blake, have one son and live on their family farm in Middle Tennessee. 

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